We came to be educated. Not the how many quotes from a textbook can you memorize? kind of education; but the type that ignites the soul and rekindles the fire within our hearts.

We came to learn. Not the formulaic techniques behind nailing an exam style question; but how to be humble, loving, and self assured.

We came to think. Not only about the nature of subatomic particles; but about how to question unbiasedly and with a broad and endless mind.

Perhaps we are justified in our disappointment towards the current education system.

As the final week of exams commence, please take the time to realise that your grades do not define you. That they cannot measure the content of your kindness, or the vastness of your intellect. They do not determine your intelligence, nor do they determine your future. Good exam results are great-but there are ways forward if you do so happen to look down at a not-so-great variety of letters and numbers in two month’s time. 

Remember: there is always more than one path that leads to where you want to go, and to who you want to be. 

To teenagers everywhere: good luck! But most importantly, stay safe and happy. ☺

Bea x