I feel like I’ve been neglecting you. Despite the fact that I’ve still been avidly reading posts and responding to comments, I haven’t been as proactive as usual. Due to illness, exams, and, primarily mental health issues, I’ve not found the time to blog as frequently.

But all that is about to change! Given that it’s the Easter break, I’m aiming to spend more time interacting with WordPress and have numerous post ideas lined up!

My little corner of the internet is far from the best-it’s never been the most professional, the most glamerous, the most sophisticated: which is okay; that was never my intention, even from day one. I created this site as a safe space for those facing life’s adversities, and particularly for those facing various mental health issues. That’s something that I hope will never change, and I aim to listen, advise and offer support wherever I can. 

By the next generation, my goal is to be an active part in the huge online movement to eradicate discrimination by reducing stigma: and contribute to a world that takes bipolar as seriously as meningitis, with support for OCD sufferers being as much of a priority as those with diabetes.

Every day, it is enlightening to open my notifications and hear from people who share that vision. I certainly believe that this shared dream is obtainable if enough people are willing to speak out about topics that are important to themselves and those around them.

I am grateful to have such wonderful, sparky and intelligent followers (not to mention friends!). My best wishes, and apologies over my recent lack of enthusiasm, go out to you all.

Love & Hope

Bea x