Recently, an adult site was hacked, exposing the personal details of over 37 million users. Ashley Madison uses the tempting slogan “life is short;have an affair” as a method of drawing in new browsers to do just that. And it happens that over 400 of the revealed names belong to vicars and priests. Awkward.

Despite my disapproval for those who have cheated on their spouse, it goes without saying that the personal details held by Ashley Madison should have stayed confidential, to protect the safety and privacy of those involved-end of.

However, I find the hypocrisy of the religious leaders involved outrageous-almost amusing. Was it not their Bible that spoke against adultery? Was it not them that stood before hundreds of people, telling them not to go against God? Sometimes I feel that the suppression of sexual feelings that religion places on people is unhealthy-and, ultimately, ends up expressing itself through negative outlets.

And so there it is.

The lesson of this story, in the unspoken words of the priests, is that, actually, it’s okay to occasionally release your inner sexual deviant, so long as it doesn’t express itself in the form of love and affection like this:


Or this:


Because obviously, that really would be sinful.